Dog sitting

So a few months back I blogged about not knowing whether I wanted a baby or a dog. I spoke about the known difficulties you’d face in both scenarios well aware that more would arise when actually experiencing it.

so on Sunday I had a furry little friend visit me. He’s name is a Hugo, a 4 month old puppy I said I would look after until Friday. He’s the most gorgeous, loveable, playful pain In the arse I’ve ever met.

I was so excited to have him for the week, have a bit of company during the day whilst my boyfriends at work and I’ve grown up with dogs, I know how to look after dogs. I no that as a puppy he’s gonna want to play loads, and need lots of walking and that he’s gonna wanna chew everything. My dog had 13 puppies that lived in my house with their mum and our other dog. 15 dogs, this one puppy will be a breeze.


let me just say again he’s gorgeous, he’s adorable, and he’s a lovely natured dog. But dear god he’s hard work. I work with 40 kids a weekend, nothing on Hugo. 13 puppies, nothing on Hugo. Period pains, tonsillitis, migraines, an operation! Nothing on this dog!

Iv nearly crashed my car 3 times because he wants to sit on my lap or eat my gear stick or eat my hand on the gear stick or get on the floor then on the seat then on the floor then back on the seat. He wants to hump he’s teddy bear…. ON MY HEAD. I’m having to sleep in my living room. I’ve had to remove everything I own out of the living room because he eats everything, and he still eats everything! I dunno what more I can do other than also have no sofa or coffee table in here! He rips up all the newspaper I’ve put out just in time for him to shit on the floor! Referring back to my last post, dog vs baby. I’m sure I would have more to say on the baby side if I had one for a week. HOWEVER……. a 4 month old baby doesn’t bark, bite me, eat my car, eat my table, eat my sofa, shit on the floor, lick my plate whilst I’m eating, hump me or sit on my head.

But whilst writing this, Hugo has just finished running round in circles for 10 minutes barking at a tennis ball and is laying down exhausted …. he is pretty damn sweet!



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