Let’s have a chat about hayfever.

So my title really summarises today’s post, but seriously… let’s have a chat about hayfever.

Dont you just love summer? The days get longer the sun comes out with any luck, it just generally puts me in a happier mood. But with summer comes hayfever. So thousands of people suffer with hayfever and it’s basically when your body fights off things like pollen because it thinks it’s a danger to your body (it isn’t) thus causing your hayfever symptoms. This is interesting for me because my body don’t fight off things it needs to like viruses and infections but goes to town on kicking pollens arse! This puts a dampener on summer I’m not gonna lie.

But let’s just look at the name for a minute hay – fever. As a girl whose grown up in London it’s extremely fucking rare I’ve been around hay… it should actually be called grass, pollen, trees, plants, animal fur, nature fever! Because that’s what it fucking feels like! Now the second part, fever. When I think of having a fever I think of being a bit stuffy, high temperature, maybe a bit shivery right? Well fuck me, I wish this was the kind of fever hay fever left me with. When my hay fever hits (which by the way is from the millisecond I wake up) I look like iv just been bitten by a walker and am joining the zombie apocalypse (shout out to the walking dead fans!) honestly my face looks like it’s actually melted and all merges into itself into a big snotty blob!

any hayfever sufferers will understand my pain here, it’s a rough time, it’s not just a runny nose and sneezing it’s actually exhausting! Iv missed so much school growing up because of my whole face morphing into scrambled egg!

Next time someone says ahh man I feel shitty my hayfevers playing up. Don’t roll your eyes kids. Pass them a whole loo roll, a couple of Benedril, some eye drops, nasil spray and give them a cuddle!


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