Baby VS Dog

So I want a baby, no a dog, NO a baby.. no I mean dog!

This has been me for the last sort of 6 months, and I don’t even know how this is a thing! how can I compare a baby with a dog, how can I want one of them but not know which?! If I want a baby, I’d want a baby, or if I wanted a dog, I’d want a dog, surely it’s that simple?! But somehow it’s not….

I guess i want something thats mine, that I have to look after but am fully aware that neither of them are a part time job, someone else’s dog or baby, you have all the fun parts, the playing, and then you can give them back for the crying, and dirty nappies and the chewing of my sofa! I mean the obvious answer is I’m clearly not ready to commit to either, and thats why I can’t decide, but I don’t think thats necessarily true either…life just happens and gets in the way of things and so i don’t think I’m not ready but my life isn’t ready? but as a whole i thought of course a dog is a lot less of a responsibility than a child…so I thought it would be a really clever idea to weigh up the whole dog baby situ so here it is…

  1. No pregnancy with a dog! this is great, no back ache, no heartburn, no nausea, no LABOUR, i don’t have to carry a litter of puppies you know… this is 1-0 dog
  2. Both come with a lot of money, Id have to BUY a dog, but PRODUCE a baby. the dog I’m after can cost anything from £1000!  and vet bills are expensive! theres no dog NHS…. I think we may be at a tie situation at the moment
  3. dirty nappies, not ideal, but dog shit on my floor. WORSE
  4. you can’t leave a baby nor a puppy alone, granted, HOWEVER i can take a baby anywhere, parks, restaurants, shopping ON AN AIRPLANE, can’t do that with a puppy. id have to arrange atlas a 6 month period where there was someone at home with a dog 24.7 then ease it into being alone little by little.
  5. a baby isn’t gonna bark every time someone walks past, or brings my post or hears a noise…. it might cry though…
  6. Dogs need to be walked. i don’t even walk to my supermarket cause to walk anywhere in hemel is longgggg…. I can’t make a dog do my charlotte crosby 5 minute belly blitz dvd!
  7. dogs smell, they leave hair everywhere, but babies throw up and leave toys everywhere.

thats it! I’m done, a dog is just as much responsibility as a baby, and money, and time consuming. and much like a dog, a baby is for life, not just for christmas. so I’m gonna get a hamster and be done with it…. but i want a baby… no i mean a dog!



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