Stop the hate.

This post is not going to be the most tidy, it’s not going to be the most witty or intellectually written. This post is just coming from me as s response to having a night out at the cinema and whilst walking to my car seeing there has been another incident in my beautiful city – in our beautiful world, or atleast it can be. It’s sad that we have got to a stage where we have to rethink our plans, contemplate visiting big venues, avoid walking around at certain times of night In fear. Sometimes we probably don’t know what we’re in fear of. But it’s almost ingrained into us now after constant news of terrible incidents on innocent people. It makes me sick to my stomach at the thought of whats next, could it be me, a loved one? But living our life in fear means we may aswell not be living at all. I sometimes think how can I ever bring a child into this world that is shattering before my very eyes, now not only rethinking where I go in every day life but questioning the one thing that I’ve always been certain I’ve wanted in life. But that isn’t really the point of my post. My post is to stay stop the hate. In a world that’s becoming so dark, so cruel and full of hurt and anguish, let’s not turn against one and other. If someone you love is stabbed by an English man, a Spanish man, a polish man or anyone else, let’s blame that one person, not a whole nationality, a whole race. We can’t keep taking a bad person, picking them apart and choosing one element of them to blame everyone else with that matching trait. The fact that a person is an individual race is irrelevant to that it is that individual responsible. If the English man has stabbed someone but also happened to have blonde hair, do we blame every other blonde person for their crime? In my eyes it’s the same thing. Let’s stop categorising people into these little boxes as a means of letting out our anger, frustration or hurt. In these times we show such solidarity and love, genuine human kindness to help one and other, but when the dust settles the blame game begins. Let’s just remember that solidarity and love and pull together as humans! Stop the hate!

Now im not religious, but pray for everyone x

That was all abit preachy, I’m sorry for that!


2 thoughts on “Stop the hate.”

  1. PRAYING that things will change. It’s hard times that we are living in as a world. But there is hope. Stay safe.


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