I learnt.

I learnt my please and thank you’s,
I learnt hellos and goodbyes.
I learnt the gift of laughter,
I learnt the hurt of cries.
I learnt to swim and ride a bike,
I learnt to crawl and walk.
I learnt to smile, I learnt to giggle, and then I learnt to talk.
I learnt that through the rainy days the sun would soon return.
And when the days got hard to bare the earth will always turn.
I learnt that when I felt so weak I’d find the strength to stand.
And when I felt i was alone someone would lend a hand.
I didn’t learn that rainy days could turn to flooded weeks
And tears that built up in my eyes would soon contain my cheeks.
I wasn’t told in a room so full I could still feel so alone.
Or in a circle that’s so full of love my heart could turn to stone.
I wasn’t taught the way it felt when someone went for good.
I wasn’t told to say the things you want whilst you still could.
But now I’ve learnt through good and bad that some things can’t be taught.
To treasure every memory because the time we have is short.
That the brightest star can never shine without a darker sky.
And no matter how hard you try to search, you won’t always know why.
That happily ever afters aren’t always how you’d hope.
But day by day, a step at a time, you’ll finally learn to cope.


For my dad x


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