‘Just be yourself, they’ll love you’

‘Just be yourself, they’ll love you’ was my mums last sentence of her pep talk. For those of you who aren’t aware, today was my interview to do my teacher training, all I had to do was convince them I was mentally capable and stable! So yes back to the story, ‘just be yourself, they’ll love you’  The first thing I thought was really, I don’t know that I’m all that loveable! You’re my mum, you have to love me, it’s part of the job. The next thing I thought was if all I have to do is JUST be myself, then why am I nervous, I’ve been myself for 22 years that’s something I can do and know one can tell me I’ve done it wrong, Result! Though, I am questioning why I am about to complete my final year out of 19 in education if all I need to do is be myself, but that’s neither here nor there!

Anyway so I rock up in pure ‘being myself style’ pulling the push door that kind of thing and I’m greeted by a lovely panel of people. All is going well, they are completely taken by my dazzling charm and my intellectual wit, they’re laughing at all my jokes, probably sympathetically, but I’ll take that at this stage! And all is going swimmingly! Being myself is really doing the trick, 1 point to my mum!

then the table turns… the other side of being myself shines. Mum, you lose your point here! I’ve done my research on the school I’ll be training at, I know it inside out back to front, their mottos, extra curricular, staff, the full shabang and I’m feeling quite smug ready to kiss up right. So my interview today was at a different location to where I’d be training – or so I thought. That dreaded sentence is presented to me. ‘You do know this is the school you will be placed’ NO I BLOODY WELL DID NOT KNOW! I had a whole monologue and expressive dance prepared about how fabulous this fucking school was I was expecting to train and they drop this bombshell that I’m not going there at all! I start to get a bit nervy. I start to get all hot and bothered and I’m a clammy bitch at the best of times. The whole entirety of this interview was now up in the air as they fire questions at me about a school I didn’t know existed until I put it in my satnav!  ‘So why this school?’ I have no fucking clue to be honest buddy. ‘Have you applied anywhere else’ yes I have funnily enough, the school I thought this interview was for! Oh I was in a right pickle, what to do molly, think! Start crying, they’ll pity you! Nope can’t do that, bullshit, absolutely blag it. They work here molly! They know what this school is like you can’t lie about it! I take a deep breath, ‘no, I didn’t no I was training here…..’  slight pause, you know a pause that is probably only a split second but feels like a decade. He smiles… ‘yes that is a slight fault in the system it doesn’t make that clear at all you apply via them and then located where required’ PHEWWWWW got away with it didn’t I!

but anyway, my mum gets her points back! They offered me a place didn’t they! Resultttttt! So kids the saying is true, be yourself, even if like me you’re an absolute liability!


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