Objectification of a woman.

I’m a human but you show no consideration to my feelings my views or my needs.
My human rights stripped from me as yours are simultaneously empowered. you have the right to use and abuse me the right to buy and sell me the right to work me all hours and don’t pay me an income. The right to lock me up like a caged animal. The right to leave me in a cold dirty room and let me out when I’m required. The right to leave me vulnerable with strangers who you’ve told have the right to do what they want to me the right to decide if my behaviour is unacceptable and if I should be punished. What about my rights?
I have the right to earn money for the hours I work. The right to freedom and shelter somewhere clean and warm.
The right to say no to the man who punches hits and spits.
But this doesn’t exist.                            There’s a system in place that means If the demand is there so will be the ones who supply it. So whilst there are buyers there will be sellers and whilst there are sellers there will be merchandise and that merchandise is people.
We are no longer humans Were objects, items no more than a doll.
A woman who is allowed no voice, no opinions, no input into our fate.
And like a doll we will keep smiling through whatever comes my way. We will stay silent while you take us to play
And We won’t shed a tear when we aren’t treated carefully, and start to get damaged.
And just like dolls we’ll be left battered, broken, be thrown out and replaced. Then returned to be replenished and the cycle goes on.

I guess I’m the perfect woman.


One thought on “Objectification of a woman.”

  1. A very powerful message! Women are not dolls. They are humans too. They need respect, love, care and dignity in this world. If everyone in the society realises this, the situation of women can improve.
    Woman is a goddess, she needs to be respected!
    Salute to women, they all are perfect..


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