Im writing this blog whilst panicking about my upcoming most important interview I will possibley ever have. It’s the difference between my degree being a complete waste of time and the most valuable thing I’ve ever done, no pressure right!

So interviews, we’ve all been there, it’s nerve racking and we’ve all been given a range of things to remember whilst being interviewed, so many things that you can end up forgetting your own name! Don’t chew gum, make eye contact, a firm hand shake, etc etc. Some are helpful some not so much. Now I have had 100’s of interviews, for my age I’ve had lots of jobs, not all of which are on the CV because it makes me look incapable of keeping a job but this isn’t the case I assure you!

So after having lots of interviews I feel like there is nothing more I can learn in the way of interview technique, how to speak and present myself however I do wonder about the person who will be interviewing me! We focus so much on appearing professional and knowing what we’re talking about. Answering questions enthusiastically about our passion for the company when we really want to say ‘I just need the money.’ How much you value the policies of the companies having scrolled on their website in search for the address! And trying to find a realistic way to say you really love smelling like fosters and vodka when applying as a barmaid! We’ve all been there but I do tend to question the people on the interviewing side of the coin. I have had some interesting encounters when being interviewed which have made me wonder why we make such an effort to make an impression but the person trying to sell the company does not! Il give some examples!

– an interview at a new store that was due to open around a week after this interview. I was taken Into the store room where I was interviewed whilst we both sat on the edges of cardboard boxes…

– an interviewer who spent the duration staring at my non existent a cup boobs, I dunno if I deceived him of the size, if he was into the flat chested type or if he was trying to work out where they were!

– ‘so what is it you love about stationary!’ Need I say more.

– barmaid job. He shows me where the pumps are then leaves me to work behind a bar I have never set foot in on my own for 2 hours. He then proceeded to ask me to clean the windows before heading back to him table of friends. Nah mate, I don’t think this is for me.

– a different barmaid job which went very well, I went on to work there. A few weeks in I am shown the sheet of notes taken when I was being interviewed. This contained my looks rating out of 10 which went towards my employment! I got an 8/10 just FYI. 😂

My point is we all stress and always will because I’d imagine you’re being interview for something you care about whether it’s because it’s something you really want or just really need. But remember we’re all human, I go in knowing I have to tone down my weird. But then you meet some of these donuts and realise you’ve nothing to worry about!

please let me know any weird and wonderful interview stories you have in the comments box!

pip pip, x


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