If only you could pause life.

I think we all need a day off.
I don’t mean the weekend or the day you aren’t on the rota to work, I mean an actual day annually where life just stops.
Because I dunno about you, but on my days off there is still a lot of work involved.
House work, coursework, paper work. It’s never ending.
My day off is catching up on all the things I needed to do all week but didn’t get a chance to because of the 70 other things I was already doing.
So what I really need is a day off from life, I dunno how this could exist because if I take a day where I think no I’m not going to clean the bathroom today, it’s my day off… life will still continue and my bathroom will still need cleaning and another day will arrive where I can’t do it because I am busy. It’s exhausting.
We need a day where the earth just freezes, the work stops multiplying and people stop buzzing around trying to keep on top. Life just pauses for a day for us to catch a breather. Because I am knackered!

via Daily Prompt: Knackered


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