To uni or not to uni

So as my 3 years of university is slowly drawing into a close over the next month or so, I’ve started reflecting as this experience generally and personally.

Generally, this is for anybody who is in the university decision making process right now, there are a lot of pros and cons to going to university – but that’s with making any decision so….


-it’s a great experience. it gives you the chance to develop on skills/ knowledge on a chosen subject area.

– following on from the previous, if that’s not why you’re going to university, 3 years of boozing and whatever mischief comes with this!

-it teaches you a lot about yourself as a person. I know that sounds so spiritual  but I’m being deadly serious! You learn who you are, who you want to be, what you want to achieve, what kind of people you want around you.

– a taste of adulthood…but in baby steps with student finance money!


-starting adult life with debt, this shouldn’t be a hinderance in my opinion. You don’t have to start paying it until you are earning a certain amount of money, you pay it in small, reasonable instalments and you probably won’t ever pay it realistically!

– there’s no job garuntee at the end of it. I had a lot of people say so what happens after, well that’s kind of a desperate matter to be honest. But a degree gives you a step into the right direction!

– workload, well sorry, if you want to get a good degree, a bit of effort and work is required unfortunately!

– it’s scary. Damn right it’s scary! Until you get there and it’s just like moving from primary to high school, high school to college. They get it, you haven’t worked at uni level before but why would you have it’s a process and you adapt as you have in every other instance!

in my opinion if your toying with the idea of going to uni, do it! Take the plunge and just do it. There’s a reason you are considering it and I bet if someone asked you why not you haven’t got much of a valid reason apart from the fear hidden deep down. I’ve been there I spent a year saying ‘uni wasn’t for me’ what does that even fucking mean! Now I can hand on heart day as my degree comes to an end that it’s the best decision I ever made and I will be sad and pooing my pants to leave and move onto my next chapter!

pip pip, x


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