Not knowing what to blog about.

I’ve neglected my page for around 10 days now, so early in the blogging game, I know what a let down. But the thing is it isn’t through lack of wanting or trying. It’s for not knowing what to blog about!

It’s so difficult because I signed up for this page on a wim, not really knowing what I’m doing but was really enjoying it then bang! The brick wall hits!

I think it’s just the pressure of social media to be honest, it’s become such a massive part of people’s everyday life that you can become so consumed on how you should portray yourself, what you should share, what’s appropriate, what should stay private and who actually cares what I have to say! I’m wanting to blog about what I want to talk about, whether it’s I’ve had a shitty day or something really funny happened today. But then I’m like who actually gives a fuck if my train was late or that I saw a man trip up. Well I do.

So what do I do? Write about things I know nothing about, have no interest or care for but that others might like and build up a warped, inaccurate internet image. Or not?

I choose not. I’m gonna write about what I wanna write about, it’s a nice place to offload and I’d love for people to read and laugh, or empathise or relate to a situation but if not that’s fine. Be who you are kids, cause do you remember MySpace? Or bebo? They’re not the big thing now and soon your Facebook page and character that’s been created will be gone and you’ll be stuck with your boring self. I better get used to me!


pip pip, x


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