The life of a drama student.

so this is for my fellow drama students who have spent years defending their industry. The endless remarks about ‘spending our time pretending to be trees’ is boring, unoriginal and frankly untrue to be honest!

I am currently working on my final project at university which I guess is the equivalent of a dissertation but of corse we’re doing the fun easy version right? Wrong.

So far I have written 51 a4 pages of work, I have written about 8 pieces of text/dialogue/script. Myself and my group members have each started learning a foreign language for this project, we have read around 20 books, 15 case studies, 15 papers, watched 6 documentaries researched for uncountable amount of hours. And that is before we have started devising, casting,filming, editing, creating music, light and sound cues, sourcing/buying/ making set, props and costume for a 45 minute show from scratch.

Now I would love to see a tree do all that!

So people think drama students have the life of Reilly and you know what arguably yes! But this is because I absolutely love what I do, not because it’s easy.

Now I’m not trying to preach about how hard my degree is or feel sorry for me or create a kind of my subject is harder than yours debate. But what I do want is for a drama degree to be recognised as a real degree and not belittled as though you’re at university and I’m at a scouts club! If I spoke to any one in the world about their degree, whatever the subject I would respect the choice they’d made and the time, energy and work that is going into getting that degree to better their future, whatever my opinion is on the subject. One of the most valuable things drama has taught me is the ability to listen, understand and learn about people, take them for who they are, be accepting and open minded, to be human! What’s the most valuable thing your degree has taught you?



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