Typical brits.


you know what It’s like, the first sign of British sun the shorts come out, the sunglasses come out and you head to your nearest beer garden! We’ve all been there and I’m sure, like myself, a lot of you did this today, hottest day of the year so far init! And if you didn’t I’m sure it was because you were sat at work, speaking to a colleague saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m working today, proper beer garden weather this is!’

so yes I did that typical British thing and I headed out to the beer garden. I’m actually writing this now whilst my mate is in the loo. But it’s for a bit chilly now. We stuck it out in our shorts and play suits as long as we could but the truth is it’s April, and as soon as the sun goes in it’s fucking chapping!

Lets talk about some bizzare things us brits do on a warm day.

number 1: as previously stated we deny the fact it’s actually not Ibiza heat and stick it out as long as possible!

number 2: again, British attire. One beam of sunlight and the summer gear comes out. This could be in November and we have to take full advantage even if it’s freezing.

number 3:  it’s a weird one, if it’s sunny we find it completely normal to start drinking at 12pm with the sun being the special occasion!

number 4: everyone has their drink. if I go out for a drink, I drink vodka and orange juice. Oh no no not if it’s sunny. It’s a beer garden day so the ladies who can hack it get a beer, usually bottled with a slice of lemon or lime in the lip. Or for those who don’t like beer but wanna stick with the theme, a strawberry and lime kopperburg. This was a definite trend today as my chosen beer garden ran out and I had to switch to a more basic pear variety!

ive noticed when blogging I seem to give a 4 point list! So please feel free to comment below any personal additions to my list on your sunny day antics! Like my post below 😘

Pip pip, x


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