Diets are hard aren’t they?! It’s far easier said then done you know ‘eat less move more.’ I totally appreciate that’s the way to do it however that’s not what’s put me in this position of wanting to lose weight so it clearly isn’t my life motto!🙈 There’s nothing more frustrating then being friends with people who don’t have these same weight issues like it’s clearly in your jeans. One of my best pals has the PERFECT figure and eats like an absolute horse 🐴  How is this fair? I only have to eat a bar of dairy milk and you can practically see the outline of it on my belly! So I’m currently on slimming world which in all honestly is amazing like it’s an absolute winning formula and isn’t even particularly difficult…. she says having completely ignored the plan for the past week and gained 2lb this week (probably 3 after my bar of whole nut!) but you know what it’s a marathon not a sprint, I have good and bad weeks but still generally am losing more than gaining. So I’m gonna share with you some do’s and don’t’s of dieting based on my own experience (I warn you there are more donts than dos!)

Do. Eat fruit, eat veg, drink water and exercise… are you still with me? Excellent!

now don’ts (these are all sadly close to home 😂)

– it’s Tuesday, iv had a bad day, SHIT! I may aswell start again Monday now. Guys it’s simple maths, that one bad day has now turned into 6!


-I love a cuppa tea with biscuits, but who can have Just ONE biscuit. If you can, your a moron I don’t care I finish a whole pack it’s that simple. So anyway i can’t have biscuits in the house for that reason and I had just started back at slimming world and pop into the kitchen with every intention of getting an apple. But there they were. Half a packet of chocolate digestives and I’m like no I need these fine I’m going to get tempted with them in the kitchen I don’t need this kind of temptation. So to remove the temptation I finished the packet of biscuits! About 45 syns worth (your allowed 15 a day) the question is, is this a do, because I lost 4lb that week 💪🏻

-again in connection to previous post, don’t decide to have tea and biscuits knowing this information and convince your no will powered little brain that you will stop after 2 biscuits. YOU WONT STOP AND YOU KNOW IT!

– lie about how much you’ve eaten. No one wants to admit they are a little piggy ok but putting on weight is one of them things if you put on a pound and are all look ‘ohhh I only ate cucumber all week’ number 1 your a liar and number 2 that’s not good for you? You need to eat something else babe. Your only lying and cheating on your own weight loss if your not trying to lose weight then who cares if you’ve eaten half of Morrisons!

losing weight is hard work guys really I feel the pain. But let’s be real,  Theres nothing better than when feeling sorry for yourself coz you’ve gained a few lbs reaching for a share pouch of chocolate buttons!

please comment and let me no what you think of this post, if you have any dieting flaws like me or if you can relate to what iv said!

pip pip, x


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