weird things girls do.

girls are well weird init? like especially when it comes to lads.

-I won’t fart infront of my fella? – this one is alien to me, sorry what? your married to your partner for 8 years got 3 kids a dog and a parrot but you can’t fart infront of him. are you mad! this guys watched an actual human come out of your nunni but your worried about some gas. you must have severe stomach pains from trapped wind!

-I needed a poo so i waited until he popped out. LOL this is an actual real life story i’ve been told. Someone I know staying at her boyfriends house really needed a poo but the toilets right next to the bedroom so was so scared about the smell she held it in until he went out.

-I won’t eat infront of him, Ok, I was once guilty of this one, how fucking bizarre, i mean i dunno about anyone else but my reason was because i eat like an absolute beast so tucking into a rack of ribs, chomping on bones with bbq sauce around my mush wasn’t the most appealing. but what do we think, that lads actually think women don’t eat like come on now how silly!

-Telephone voice with the inlaws. LOL if you don’t know what I mean by a telephone voice its any incoming call that asks to speak to you by your full name, to which you reply ‘Yeah speaking.’ boys must be so confused when you chat complete waffle in their ears about absolute nonsense, and then as soon as mum/dads in the room were all like ‘Oh no don’t say such rude things, I would never say such a despicable comment’ <— this is so alien to us we actually start muddling our words and make no sense. I don’t do this anymore, but there was times id get it so wrong id make up my own words and pronounce f’s as th’s it was messy.

Id love to hear some of your examples of weird things you have done or currently do around lads or even just around people you don’t know very well. please please comment and share your stories!

pip pip, x


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