cleaning with your boyfriend..

Today has been a long but productive day of cleaning and decluttering my whole flat from top to bottom. the problem is me and Kane (my fella) are actual messy slobs so all the cleaning that has been done today will more or less be completely undone by the end of the weekend. I’ll give Kane he’s due, he does help me clean the flat which as far as i can make out is more then a lot of ladies can say about the males in their life. But what I’m sure a lot of you will be able to agree with is that what you mean by cleaning and what your fella means by cleaning are 2 COMPLETELY different things!

My partner cleaning the flat takes half an hour, mine takes 3 hours. He thinks this is me being extra but it is infact me being thorough which brings me to number 2…

  1. our coffee table in the living room gets completely cluttered with all sorts of rubbish. I come home to a clean coffee table. wow, this is good. i walk into the kitchen, to find every item that was on the table now on the kitchen work top. he does this with everything, he just moves things to other places they don’t belong!
  2. i don’t think my partner knows where we keep bleach, polish, limescale spray etc or that we own anything of the sort.
  3. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has different cloths/sponges for different things? Kane uses a tea towel for absolutely everything. spilt my drink, tea towel. splashes on the hob, tea towel, MUD ON MY TRAINER, TEA TOWEL.

I would love to hear some of your replies on this topic. please have read and let me no what you think, your own experiences in this department or any differences/ similarities between our lists!


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