This is the post excerpt.


So, Here I am writing a blog, how strange.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m probably not the ‘blogging type’ but there you go, there’s a first time for everything.

So why am I blogging? good question, I guess I’m just that person who has so many thoughts and questions and feelings constantly just floating around in my mind. So I thought, instead of losing sleep speculating over ‘if God made everything than who made God’ il just spray it all out on here and see what happens. Im also very much into spoken word poetry at the moment, i guess for the same reasons I’m starting a blog so I may throw a few of those in here on occasion, but I’m new to this so bare with me!

I can promise you that by following my blog you’ll come across a lot of things that make you think ‘that’s happened to me before’ or, ‘I’ve always wondered that’ so keep an eye out and see what rings true for you. Anyway…. is that all, is this a sufficient blog length? I dunno, I guess i’ll learn as I go along!

Pip Pip, x

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